David & Winnie, as they travel overseas in order to spend the holidays with Winnie’s family.
Jan Scott (Carol Denison’s Sister) who had two surgeries for internal bleeding and is severely anemic.  
Steve Smith, who has been diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer and is starting chemotherapy. 
Warren (Diana Brand’s Dad), who is having hernia surgery December 14th.
Gene Swisher, who is in the hospital.
Anderson (Pricilla’s two year old friend) who passed away last week.
Maelee (Dwight & Rose’s Great Granddaughter), who has spots in her lungs. Joy that scan results have shown no change in the spots. This makes the doctors believe that the spots are nothing to be concerned about.
Ron Sillin, who is in need of a new affordable car.
Michele & Brandon, who are having a baby girl in May.
Patty Cryst, who has pneumonia.
Bob Bracy, Karen Birtcher’s brother-in-law) who fell 150-200 feet off of a ledge face first onto rock while hunting. He is in ICU with: cranial bleeding, facial, spinal and clavicle fractures.
Bill Sharman (Aimee Whal’s Dad), who was diagnosed with liver cancer.
Pat Cain, who has been placed on hospice.
Barb Montgomery, who is dealing with liver problems, but her biopsy came back normal.
Ann Robinson, will meet with her neuro at OSU in January but the prevailing thought now is after removing ALL herbal supplements, her condition has improved hugely. 
John Brockwell (husband of Ann Robinson's BFF Kris), who has stopped any treatment for his urachal cancer because it has now spread to his blood.
Joe Johnston, who is having problems with dementia, physical strength and his ability to eat.
Mike Kirkpatrick, (Nephew of the Kittel’s) who is in hospice care.
Morgan Blume, (the Brand’s 12 year old neighbor) who has been sick for several weeks without knowing the cause.

Long Term Prayer Needs...

Dee Barber, who is having severe back pain.
Larry (Chris Bowles' Grandfather) who has cancer.
Nancy (Joan Dobson’s sister) who has colon cancer.
Shirley (Barb Jobes’ Mom), who has been diagnosed with untreatable cancer in her lungs. 
Tracee Barr, for physical healing and progression towards health. 
Our members in need of special care: Eula Montgomery, Barb Ryan, Phyllis Walker, Nancy Johnson, Lovonna Parkhill, Jean Swisher, Donna Kinney, Jean Nichols.
Our Missionaries; for good health, safe travels, cooperative weather, ease in dealing with foreign governments, and increases in recourses.

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"Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." 
                                             -Philippians 4:6